Plan Your Wedding Preparations Ahead Of Time

Plan Ahead To Save Money With Your Wedding Preparations

Plan Ahead For A Budget Wedding

Planning Your Budget Wedding

Let us face the facts: we all love weddings. They encapsulate the amalgamation of emotions, fun and the rituals that characterize the courtship of tying the knot. However, planning for a wedding is not always a walk in the park. Moreover, at these tough economic times when financial crises do not cease to rock the world economy, it is important to ensure that the entire wedding budget does not break the bank, especially when it comes to hiring wedding cars, photographers and florists. Here is brief insight on how you can cut down costs while hiring a wedding limousine, professional wedding photographer and a professional wedding florist.

Limousine hire

Budget Limousine Hire

Wedding car hire is perhaps the most important wedding planning facet that a couple should not forget. This is because there is never a second chance to give a good first impression. Given the elaborateness of the automotive industry, one has to plan ahead for a limousine hire in order to stick to the wedding budget. There is no denying that there is a myriad of limousine hire organizations available but choosing the best one for a couple’s budget is not as easy as pie.

Cheap wedding limousine hire packages

Sydney Wedding Limousine Hire

In order to hire a limousine for your wedding without spending a fortune:

  • Book a limousine company for transportation on your wedding day about six months before your wedding
  • Select a collection address that is convenient for both the transportation company and all the wedding participants.
  • Hire the limousines for an affordable period
  • Select the suitable vehicle carrying capacity for your needs
  • Sign a contract with the company of choice and adhere to it to the latter.


Wedding photographers

Budget Wedding Photography

Wedding photos are the most memorable souvenirs for the newlyweds and their friends and relatives. They capture and store the events of a wedding in a way that nothing else can. Choosing a wedding photographer thus involves considering several factors such as the photography style, the length of the photo session, the number of photos required and the post-processing packages used. One also needs to determine how the photos will be used and whether it is possible to compile them into an album. Making an appointment, interviewing and finally signing a contract with the photographer are the duties of both the bride and groom-to-be and should be performed after thorough research of the available professional wedding photographers. With these factors in mind, a couple should shop for a video grapher and photographer about 8 months before their wedding in order to avoid last minute rushes that could escalate the costs.

Qualities of a good professional wedding photographer.

Professional wedding photographer should be one who emphasizes on the several must-take photos for both the bride and the groom. For instance, a shot of the bride preparing herself, having her make-up and hair done and getting dressed. Additionally, a full-length photo of the fully dressed bride revealing her jewelry, shoes and bouquets either alone or with the bridesmaids, siblings or parents will add flavor to the album. For the groom, photos of the entire preparation, putting on boutonnieres or talking to the best man will further add color to the already good package. Off course, the kiss, the exchange of vows, wedding bands, the cake, candle lighting, the bridal party and the newlywed’s vehicle cannot go unmentioned.The list is long.

Advice and tips on hiring cheap professional wedding photographers

In order to hire cheap wedding professionals, try the following tips:

  • Go online. These are several online profile of professional wedding photographers offering various wedding photography packages for each budget.
  • Select the photography style that matches your budget. The traditional photography style is cheaper than the photo journalistic, fashion based, contemporary and wedding studio photography styles.
  • Choose a wedding photographer who will offer a few deliverables without compromising the quality and quantity of the wedding photos.

Organizing the flowers

Organising Florist

There exists a divine relationship between weddings and flowers. Perhaps that is why timely planning on hiring a professional wedding florist is the way to go if you envision having a glamorous wedding. The floral arrangement of a wedding goes a long way in making the event more interesting and that is why choosing a trustworthy florist unavoidable. This involves creating time to do proper research on the available florists so that you can choose the best one before time elapses.

Choosing cheap florists in time.

Given the wide range of flowers that are required in a wedding, choosing your preferred florist about 8-12 months ahead of your wedding also gives the florist ample time to acquire the flowers in their natural forms.

The following tips would make the whole package a bargain:

  • Choose cheap flowers. Though the cost of flowers depends on the type and quality, there are still red roses, pink roses, daisies, daffodils, iris and forsythia that do not cost an arm or a leg
  • Take time to view the variety of online and offline floral designers and compare their prices.
  • Be flexible- be ready to change from one florist to another in the interest of saving money, as long as you have time to do that.

Tips on hiring cheap wedding florists

Concisely, the importance of hiring a wedding limousine, wedding photographers and florists cannot be overemphasized. They make the D-day a big success if they are planned properly. However, they could loosen one’s purse strings if they are not planned well in advance.